. apathetic aesthetics

apathetic aesthetics


public restroom selfie

321. don’t know you that well but i love your blog, you’re gorgeous and i’ve really enjoyed the convos we’ve had. stay rad af.

745. i love you girl, you’re so hilarious and beautiful and your body is to die for. your eyes are some of the most incredible things i’ve ever seen. you are a fucking goddess with makeup and i really want to cosplay with you sometimes in the mountains of norway 💖

420. i envy your body as hell and you have great trash style and idk i’d like to skateboard with you and hang out and be awesome together. please become a model bc you have the gift i mean you look like chloe sevigny lbr.

69. you suck, bye.

127. you’re stunning and your instagram is strangely calming! i love your glasses, wish i could look that good in mine.

3811. i love how much you know about astrology and how passionate you are about it, you really helped me understand my birth chart! your blog is amazing and i think you’re such an interesting person, i’d like to know you better!

666. you have all the potential in the world. you look like a model and your singing is divine and you have amazing skills with makeup and a perfect sense of style. i think you’re a great artist and you’ll go so far and you need to come to stockholm soon!

Send me a number and I’ll post about yr blog

keep sending numbers and i’ll post tomorrow, i need to sleep now 💤

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