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" Mirrors can kill and talk, they are terrible rooms
In which a torture goes on "
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Ann Demeulemeester 
S/S 2012 Womenswear Paris Fashion Week
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Theda Bara in Cleopatra (1917) dir. J. Gordon Edwards.
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lanvin ss15 details
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wtf i’m so pissed i went to taco bar today and ordered a veg burrito and i told them it needed to be vegan and omit the cheese and sour cream. then when i get the damn thing it’s bland as fuck and when i get through half of it there’s fucking soy meat in it which i know for a fact contains egg whites which i could not have been aware would be in it since it SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT ON THE MENU so i had to throw half of it away and i fucking paid for that shit.

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i bought a great dress at h&m today it is truly the greatest most comfortable thing ever but i don’t have a full length mirror to take selfies in it :(

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Jacob Kassay, 2011.
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